The Murua Group’s commitment to circular economy and sustainability has led us to create a new opportunity for barrels that, after years of generating good ageing in wine, can once again contribute aromas to the distillates.

Quality is our priority. Each barrel is subjected to a meticulous process of disinfection and verified in reliable laboratories. With the option of internal bluing and toasting of the barrel according to the client’s wishes.

AurumOak barrels are a reliable and sustainable option.

Refurbished barrels for distillates

By sanding the inside of the barrels, we remove the tartaric residues from the walls of the barrels, thus extending the useful life of each barrel. The cask will never provide as much as a new cask, but it allows the distillate to mature inside the cask in optimum conditions.

Depending on the client’s needs, and always upon request, we can carry out a CHAR toasting. The fire caramelises the sugars in the wood, giving the distillate a unique complexity. Controlling the balance between time, temperature and toasting technique creates a different experience in each type of barrel.

Recovery and roasting process.


Barrels of Porto


Port barrels for the ageing of whisky is a practice that has its origins in the 19th century and comes from the Scottish tradition.

The barrels, after having been casked in Port wine, thanks to the residual sugars that remain inside the barrels after the wine fermentation, give the whisky sweetness and balance because they soften the more spicy or smoky notes of the whisky.

There are different Ports: Tawny Port tends to bring complexity and elegance, with notes of dried fruits and spices, while Ruby Port offers more fruity and vibrant sweetness, with fresher and juicier flavours. The choice between the two will depend on the whisky maker’s preference and the flavour profile desired for the final expression of the spirit.

Today, ageing in port-wrapped casks is common practice in the Scotch whisky industry and has been adopted by distilleries around the world.

Do you know our wine barrels?


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