Finding the perfect marriage between innovation and sustainability to ensure a future linked to tradition

To innovate is not to have an idea. To innovate is to look for new answers to frequently asked questions. Tonelería Murúa is comfortable looking for answers. That is why we have been making barrels with the same care for over 125 years.

When questions change, innovation is also a good way to look for answers. Sustainability, efficiency, climate change. Challenges that need new answers to guarantee a future that does not forget the tradition that has driven us.

International Forest Day

The International Day of Forests was celebrated on 21 March. This year’s theme was “Forests and innovation: new solutions for a better world”. Forests cover one third of the earth’s land surface, some 4 billion hectares of forest, vital ecosystems that provide habitats for most of the planet’s species and livelihoods for almost 1 billion people.

One of the objectives for the coming years is to promote the implementation of innovative processes to guarantee the care of forest masses. Projects such as the innovative monitoring of forests or the study of the chemical possibilities of trees to improve human health are two examples of the solutions that are being worked on to combine innovation with the sustainability of forests.

Murúa cares for the forests

Tonelería Murúa cares for the forests by taking care of the process and the traceability of the wood we need to create our barrels. We believe in sustainability as an essential condition for guaranteeing the raw material. For this reason, we demand that the management of the forest is sustainable through full compliance with current environmental regulations by our suppliers.

Tonelería Murúa looks to both European and American forests to find the best wood for barrels. We take into account the type of wood, the place where it grows, but it is also essential to guarantee the traceability of the wood, firstly, and of the barrels, secondly, to ensure that the process is respectful and sustainable with the forest itself.

Innovation by definition

At Tonelería Murúa, innovation is in our DNA. Only with this idea of continuous improvement and search for new solutions to new challenges can a traditional way of working be maintained.

In 1920, Tonelería Murúa incorporated modern machinery, leaving behind an artisan way of manufacturing. One hundred years later, we built the new facilities in Navarrete, a cooperage with the most modern machinery and an energy-efficient construction. Moreover, the design of this new factory was presented at last year’s Venice Biennale as an example of efficient and ecological design and production plant.

We seek innovative excellence in search of sustainability in every process that takes place in our factory. At Tonelería Murúa we control our energy consumption, our machinery is efficient, we seek zero waste and the barrels are subject to full traceability, which is another step in the chain of custody and environmental commitment against climate change.

Our philosophy of constant innovation also looks to the sky. To the sun and its energy, specifically. The 282 solar panels for self-consumption mean that the company has a high percentage of self-sufficiency in energy consumption. Thanks to this method, we manage to reduce our annual CO2 emissions to 60 tonnes per year.

In addition, we no longer use diesel. Part of the wood waste generated during the barrel-making process is used in a biomass boiler that converts the wood into heat energy.

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