Year 126: Expectations, challenges and projects of Tonelería Murúa for 2024

Celebrating that a family business such as Tonelería Murúa is 125 years old leaves lessons and reflections to be learned. 2024 is the 126th year. It is a new challenge to keep moving forward with a boost of energy. This progress will take shape throughout this year thanks to the trust of the companies that have helped Tonelería Murúa to get this far. In addition, some of the challenges for this year include insisting on exporting, tackling the total digitalisation of the company and further strengthening the Tonelería Murúa brand in both the domestic and international markets.


Lessons from 2023

This past year has not been easy for wineries. Tonelería Murúa has also felt this difficulty. However, this year has shown a growth in exports in the company’s figures. Elena Ceca Antón, fourth generation of the family and current manager of Tonelería Murúa, is pleased with the improvement in exports, as it makes 2023 “a good year in which we have also gained a great knowledge of other markets”.

There is no doubt that 2023 is marked by the celebration of the company’s 125th anniversary. An event that has been, according to Elena Ceca, “a boost of energy”. And she adds: “We are very proud to see that wineries and institutions appreciate the enormous effort involved in running a family business that is recognised for its quality in other parts of the world”.

That boost of energy comes from the pride of looking back and “thinking about all the work and trust that customers have placed in us year after year”.


New year, new challenges

2024 is here. The 126th year in the history of Tonelería Murúa. This new almanac comes at a time of global change and, in this company, it will be faced “with great enthusiasm and a great desire to learn,” says Elena Ceca. In this, as in previous years, the key to Tonelería Murúa is wine. However, reality forces us to learn to coexist with new products.

At Tonelería Murúa, there are challenges that do not change, even if the new calendar is released. The main one is to continue to have the trust of the companies that have brought the company this far. Moreover, this momentum means that Murúa can prepare, thanks to research and knowledge, for the new business opportunities that will arise in the coming years.

Other challenges come from the company’s own interest in continuing to improve processes in order to be increasingly competitive. In 2024, Tonelería Murúa is going to undertake a total digitalisation project for the company in order to manage control in a more detailed and instantaneous way. It involves a dual objective of improving the way of working and, in addition, offering a better service that will benefit customers. A project that does not lose sight of the ultimate idea of making barrels with a unique level of excellence.

Optimistic future

Exports will also be key in 2024. In 2023, sales outside Spain accounted for almost 60% of the total. This figure is the result of establishing a foothold in new markets, which provides a guarantee when it comes to tackling new growth. In addition, this constant work is helped by the fact that Murúa’s brand image is becoming more and more established in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Tonelería Murúa is also aware that it is in a sector that depends on factors beyond the company’s control, such as the quality or quantity of the harvests. In the same way, the only way to overcome these factors is to make an effort to obtain the best raw material, as well as the control, management and quality of the work carried out. This is the only way Tonelería Murúa has remained a benchmark in the sector for 125 years and intends to continue in this position for another 125 years, starting in the new year 2024.

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