More than a hundred years of experience, as well as working with winemakers and wineries, has led us to develop our own method for making barrels.

The Murúa SITE method combines tradition, innovation and rigour. Patented in our cooperage.



Time is critical to the drying of the wood and to the results of a good barrel. The wooden boards remain controlled in our 20,000 m2 yard for 2-3 years, during which the interior humidity decreases slowly and naturally, and the astringent tannins immersed in the boards are reduced to obtain wood with the optimum aromatic and phenolic level. Respecting the aromas and the value of the grape and enhancing them. From the simple to the sublime.


Immersion. Our identity

The technique of controlled immersion of the barrels, which was introduced by the founder of the cooperage, is our trademark. This allows the grapes to take centre stage and the wood to accompany and respect the personality of each winery’s wines. With immersion, the barrels provide more spicy aromas; thanks to evaporation, the wines will be rounder, longer, sweeter and more penetrating. The wines matured in barrels have delicate notes with always elegant nuances. The reduction of soluble tannins attenuates the impact of the wood, resulting in moderate tannin and respect for the original fruit.

Controlled immersion allows the toasting to go deeper into the wood, prolonging the life of the barrels, as well as making the barrels more homogeneous.


Traditional toasting over oak fire

Traditional toasting
over oak fire

Toasted barrels on oak blocks provide the aromas sought after in a high-end barrel. Prolonged, slow and deep toasting modifies the inner layers of the wood, making the exchange of oxygen through the wood more efficient in order to provide the desired aromas to the wine. The oak fire generates less aggressive toasting that is more respectful of the fruit. During the dialogue we have with the oenologist of each winery, the toasting is determined in order to create the most suitable barrel profile for their wines.


Choice of oak.
Nature as origin

After a hundred years in the sector, we know the woods, the methods of selecting the trunks and the care of the forests. We choose the best specimens to turn them into the cradle of great wines. Knowing what we do from the beginning helps us to advise our customers. That is why we also have the advice of an expert oenologist to advise us on the most suitable barrel for each style of wine.


How a barrel is born

Barrels, wine and fire

The making of a barrel


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