Toneleria Murúa’s traditional method of toasting over direct oak fire allows the time and skill of the craftsman to enhance the aromas and flavours of the distillate.

At Tonelería Murúa we only make barrels to order, with the precise toasting according to the specifications requested by each distillery. We always adapt to the needs of each customer.

New oak barreles in whisky add depth and complexity, amber tones and a rich palette of flavours such as vanilla, caramel and spice, as well as helping to maintain a more robust texture on the palate. New barrels release compounds such as lactones and tannins, adding coconut notes and structure to the whisky. They also act as natural filters that improve the purity of the distillate.


American Oak and European Oak

CAPACITY: 200 l.

Bourbon barrels, with their characteristic CHAR toast type, give a distinctive character to the whisky by providing different aromas, creating a unique sensory experience. These barrels enhance the complexity of the bourbon.


CAPACITY: 250l. and 500l.              WOOD: AMERICAN OAK.

The naturally dried American oak, and thanks to the selection of the staves, for its unique characteristic of robust and vanillin-rich wood, offers a sensory experience with distinctive aromas of vanilla, caramel and coconut. On the palate it offers a smooth and rounded experience with more pronounced tannins that add structure and complexity.


CAPACITY:  250l. y 500l.          WOOD: EUROPEAN OAK.

The Quercus Petraea that grows in Europe, from the Pyrenees to Russia, has a tighter grain growth than American oak and allows a different micro-exigenation, giving subtle spice, tobacco, cocoa and toast to the distillate.At Murúa we select the oak in order to provide a homogeneous and high quality barrel.


CAPACITY:  250l. y 500l.          WOOD: QUERCUS PYRENAICA. OAK

Quercus Pyrenaica, native to the Iberian Peninsula, represents a unique oak species, infusing the distillate with aromas of berries, spices and dried fruits.On the palate, its balance and sweetness stand out and add exceptional aromatic complexity. Although strong in tannins, it integrates harmoniously, and enriches the sensory profile without overpowering it.


New sherry barrels are crucial in the ageing of distillates such as whisky, rum and cognac. When matured in sherry wines, the casks absorb exceptional aromas which are then transferred to the spirits during ageing.


This process of sherry barrels, rooted in 18th and 19th century traditions, adds complexity to the whisky, giving it a dry profile with fruity and spicy notes.

Today, sherry barrels are highly valued for their ability to enrich and balance whisky and are essential in the creation of high quality expressions.



1. Oloroso

Oloroso is a dry wine that imparts intense and complex flavours to the whisky, bringing flavours of nuts and dried fruits, spices and woods, cinnamon, cloves and pepper, along with well-integrated wood and oak notes. The dry character of the oloroso balances the sweet flavours of the whisky to create greater complexity.

2. Pedro Ximénez

Pedro Ximénez sherry is a sweet, dense wine made from sultanas and aged in oak casks. The Pedro Ximénez casks provide an intense sweetness, notes of caramel, chocolate, dates, sultanas and honey. Ripe fruit aromas and silky texture give the whisky a full body.

3. Amontillado

The Amontillado wine, with its intermediate character between Fino and Oloroso, adds a unique combination of dry and slightly saline notes to the whisky, with a hint of hazelnuts and almonds. These casks give the whisky a balance of freshness and complexity, integrating hints of vanilla, tobacco and subtle leather, resulting in a very sophisticated profile.

4. Palo Cortado

The Palo Cortado, known for its rarity and complexity, gives the whisky an exceptional depth with mixed aromatic notes of nuts, cocoa and caramel. These casks provide a blend of Amontillado and Oloroso. The final distillate acquires notes of orange peel, nuts and a long, dry finish which intensifies its elegance.

5. Cream

Cream gives the whisky hints of sultana, caramel and vanilla. Cream casks give the whisky an additional smoothness and sweetness, highlighting notes of honey, candied fruits and a subtle hint of spice. Whisky aged in these casks takes on a rounder, more velvety profile.

60-80% of a whisky’s aromas are contributed by the cask.

The know-how of Tonelería Murúa since 1898, allows us to have a deep knowledge to make the best selection of trunks, to mature the wood for two years in a natural and appropriate way in the wood yards. And to achieve the best aromas through toasting with oak fire that will characterise the ageing of the most prestigious distillates in the world.

Tonelería Murúa follows a strict toasting protocol that is adjusted to the technical characteristics of the client.

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